Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hottest swiss guys "Leandro Maeder"

oop!How are you guys doing? I think all of you guys wait for hottest swiss guys right? Today we have a handsome model guy,i think i say all of time. Of course in our blog all of guys are so hot.I heard in swiss has the best chesse,but it has the most handsome guys too gg.Ok let see a hot guy in swiss

Leandro Monticheli

Who is Leandro Monticheli?
He is a hottest swiss model guy(I saw his picture and then i fall in love with him. and you guys think like me?

When was he born?
14 December 1987

Where was he born?
Bern, Switzerland

How he became a model?
He moved to USA and then he signed with Bleu Model Mangement in Los Angeles

What are his hobbies?
He likes listening to Coldplay, lifting, negotiating, climbing(who guys listen colplay?)

What is his first magazine?
Abercromie & Fitch

Awords and nominations?
Models 1


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