Monday, June 27, 2011


Ahahaha. The intention of these photos are mostly based on outward appearances which i was avoiding earlier. But I think it would be okay to just express what type of look i'd prefer : ) Prefer, not like. Prefer =)

To start up. I'm gonna make it clear that i prefer asian guys. Maybe someone tall, with good features and a great body, great proportional body ; ) Fair or tanned skin doesnt matter. Oh, i'd love dreamy eyes, I'm a sucker for dreamy eyes : )

This guy looks kinda cool. right? :)
Doesnt know who he is, but im guessing hes a famous dude, since i found his picture from Google. But.. Not so famous to think of it, since obviously not everyone knows him. I'm so sorry if a fan of his happens to be reading this, i am sorry. I really am :)
This next picture is hilarious. It's hair based.

I mean, come on! The first picture is totally insane. He has cute eyes, but his hair is totally wrong. The second picture isnt that much better, but its better than the first. Oh and btw, its the same person. :) cute eh. I think maybe its because in the first picture his hair is too high up and way too big for his face, but if you look at it longer it actually looks kind of cute-ish. Bottom line. The second picture would only really be "Hot" if the small coloured centre of the hair be gone.

(below) Ahaha. i'd just go ''crazyy" for this guy.
His amazingly Hot, and handsome :)

Love his hair, Love his smile, Love how he works his charm on me =)

He has exquisite features. He is just perfect. ahaha. and he is also tall!

Oh, This one is also hair based.

The middle one is hot, The third one is cute :) Both are better than the first. But some guys do look good in those kind of hairstyle, It depends i guess.
Ahaha. get the picture?

(below) Guys to die for :)

L.O.V.E his smile. He is just so cute. Plus, his hair is a bonus, He just looks so cute in it :)
Guys whom are all just smiles are always so charming. ( but not some who have those creepy smiles )
And this guy is adorable =)

Yeap. This guy is cute too =D
hes cute, and i love his hair! Cute smile. Cute eyes :) nice skin i guess. HAHAHA.

Last but not least.


A guy must be taller than the girl. Must!

(happy?) (you know im talking about you. Yes you! :))

And if someone had hair like this (the one above). I'd so much rather him be bald (the one below)
Yeap. bald is better :)


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